Flail Mower

    • Cuts the stems and tree branches of plants such as wheat, sunflower, cotton, corn, paddy remaining after harvest in orchards, vineyards and fields into small pieces, thus increasing soil productivity.

    • Prevents yield loss after stubble burning.

    • Thanks to its high strength blades, provides long and satisfactory blade use.

    • Thanks to the gripper plates placed in front of the roller, provides long pieces to be re-shredded.

    • Branch shredding size can be adjusted thanks to the side slides on the equipment and height-adjustable roller.

    • Thanks to the hydraulic shifting, provides ease of use between the garden and under the trees.

    • Thanks to the front protection plates, provides ease of cutting by tilting the long plant stems.

    • Transmission system with rotor speed 540 rpm PTO; 2000 rpm.

    - SHREDDER BLADES: Shredder blades, which can be detached from the outside of the chassis, break up the branches between the rotating blades.

    - LEVELING ROLLER: With the adjustable leveling roller, a flatter surface is achieved after shredding.

    - SIDE SLIDES: Working height can be adjusted to the desired extent thanks to the side slides that can be adjusted with the bolts.

    - FRONT PROTECTION PLATES: Provides a safer operation against any accident while working.

     DAPH160  1600 1790 1275 900 18 670 540 40-45
     DAPH185  1850 2040 1275 900 20 763 540 40-50
     DAPH210  2100 2290 1275 900 22 812 540 50-55
     DAPH240  2400 2590 1275 900 24 865 540 55-65
    - There may be changes in product technical details and standard accessories, product images are for general promotion. 
    - The specified required horsepowers may differ up to ± 20% depending on the soil structure and technical characteristics of the tractors (two-wheel drive, etc.). 
    - The specified weights may differ up to ± 15% depending on optional parts.