For centuries, the Anatolian soil has offered her abundance to people living thereon. She never disappointed the farmers; she awarded each seed with life, responded to one with thousands. She fed generations by giving her generosity unstintingly and let the families grow their children.


During the first year of the established Turkish Republic, there were great efforts to meet the needs of Turkish farmers for modern agricultural equipment. For that purpose, in 1926, today’s largest company of this sector, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY began its operations in AYDIN, and manufactured the first tractor plough in Turkey.


Our ex-production facility that has started operations in 1979 situated on 17.000 meter square area.


Since 1926 ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY remains a private enterprise and today the company is in the third generation of ownership by the Özalp family. ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY started operations in its new facility that is situated in Organized Industrial Zone in Aydın in 2004.From the first day of establishment to now, without interrupting, the company fallows the mission to supply better and higher quality equipments by the improvements in production quality and capacity increased day by day.

With the aim to serve you the best for many years..