ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is the largest agricultural machinery producer in Turkey, and is one of the few leading companies in the world in the agricultural equipment sector. The company is operating in its modern facilities, established on a total area of 140.000 square meters located in Organized Industrial Zone of Aydin. ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is marching into the future with reliance on the synergy created by its more than 450 creative, productive and well experienced employees, working with the ambition and enthusiasm to manufacture better and higher quality products day by day. 

As a result of many years of experience, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has the widest manufacturing and after-sales service program in Turkey. The company has adopted a customer oriented administration and Total Quality policy, and provides it equipment to the farmers in Turkey, throughout its more than 300 dealers all around the country. Today ALPLER exports its products to 90 different countries in 5 different continents all around the World.

Since 1926 ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has remained a private enterprise, and today the company is in its third generation of ownership by the Özalp family. Great importance is attached to integration with worldwide advanced production technologies and research to satisfy market needs. Much of the fabrication work involves the use of robot welders and CNC machining, enabling a high degree of quality assurance to be maintained during production. Additionally ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY conducts its operations in compliance with the technical requirements of the European Union, and has been operating under the ISO 9001 quality system since 2004.

In its sector, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is the only plant which operates IN-HOUSE production conditions in Turkey with custom design equipment for different needs of individual soil conditions for domestic and foreign fields. 
Because of its high performance, long life and low operating cost products ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY will continue to be the choice of professional farmers worldwide.

Aiming to serve you the best for many years...