Vertical Rotary Tiller

    • With the blades vertical to the soil, Vertical Rotary Tiller makes a circular rotational motion to break up the clods on the soil, swells the soil surface and expands the inner surface of the soil. In addition, it operates by mixing the soil without turning it upside down, and the moisture balance is maintained as the soil surface is homogeneously dispersed during operation.

    • It allows the stubble remaining on the soil surface after harvest to break up and mix with the soil easily.

    • The blades are produced from special steel subjected to hot rolling, thus high wear resistance is achieved.

    • Thanks to the specially designed gearbox(1000 rpm) and the different positions of the rotors, it allows the blades to penetrate the soil slowly even in heavy and compacted soils, thus minimizing power consumption and vibrations.

    • Thanks to the spring bearings of the side protection, it increases the lateral movement of the bands.

    • There are protective chambers that prevent any obstacles such as soil clods, stones, plant residues, hoses from entering the gap between the rotor shafts.

    • Working depth of vertical rotary tillers provides a fixed working depth thanks to the height-adjustable roller.

    • Locally produced, robust, powerful and high-performance vertical rotary tillers are suitable for all kinds of tractor power with different working width options.

    - ADJUSTABLE LEVELING PROFILE: With the adjustable leveling profile, the formation of undulating ground is prevented.

    - MOVABLE SIDE COVERS: Spring-loaded covers to prevent damage from a hard object jamming.

    - ADJUSTABLE SIDE COVERS: Thanks to the side covers that can be adjusted according to the working height, the soil does not leak out.

    - SIDE SLIDES: Balanced and safe working possibility thanks to the side slides.

    - ADJUSTABLE ROLLER: Possibility to work at a fixed working depth thanks to the height-adjustable roller.

  •  Model   Working Width (MM)   Working Depth (MM)   Overall Width (MM)   Overall Lenght (MM)   Overall Height (MM)   Number Of Blades   Weight (KG)   P.T.O. Shaft Rotations (D/Min)   Power Requirement (HP) 
     RTD 250  2500 240-280 2600 1450 1300 20 1205 540 80-100
     RTD 300  3000 240-280 3100 1450 1300 24 1410 540 100-120
     RTD 350  3500 240-280 3600 1450 1300 28 1535 540 120-140
     RTD 400  4000 240-280 4100 1450 1300 32 1675 540 140-160
    - There may be changes in product technical details and standard accessories, product images are for general promotion. 
    - The specified required horsepowers may differ up to ± 20% depending on the soil structure and technical characteristics of the tractors (two-wheel drive, etc.). 
    - The specified weights may differ up to ± 15% depending on optional parts.